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Trusted by farmers
and agricultural dealers across the US with
coast-to-coast outlets serving all 48 lower states.

We’re always looking to expand our dealer network so we can offer even more rapid, responsive service to farmers.

5 reasons to choose Wearparts

We source replacement tillage parts from leading manufacturers, primarily in Europe, to ensure our customers benefit from superior quality, longevity and value per acre.

We’ve built a specialised team with a strong agricultural pedigree and a geographically-tailored approach. Whether you’re growing peanuts in California or cotton in Texas, we’ve got the knowledge and the components to meet your needs.

By nurturing relationships with manufacturers around the world and keeping our finger on the pulse of the ag industry, Wearparts stays at the cutting edge of tillage innovation, delivering efficiency and quality for farmers.

Regardless of where they are manufactured, all Wearparts products are assembled and tested at our Nebraska HQ. We test 100% of our products before they leave the warehouse and if they don’t meet our exacting standards, they don’t go out.

Our European supply chain means we rarely experience low stock or delays, and with warehouses in Nebraska and Georgia, we’re ideally placed to serve all of the lower states, with rapid shipping and no minimum order quantity.

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Our team has a rich vein of hands-on industry knowledge and insight that enables us to help you dealers and your customers meet the challenges and opportunities of the AG tillage industry.

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We understand first-hand the challenges faced by farmers.

Painstakingly sourced from premier manufacturers in Europe, South America and the US, only the finest aftermarket components are selected for the Wearparts range. Parts are inspected, assembled and in many cases modified right here at our Nebraska HQ, ensuring precision tolerances and unrivalled efficiency that farmers choose over and over again.

As an organization, we’re deeply rooted in America’s agricultural industry. 

Behind the scenes
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