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Introducing Wearparts Raptor-Loc Tillage Sweeps

One of the most common questions we get asked in relation to tillage sweeps is whether we can provide a quick-change sweep to fit John Deere Perma-Loc.

We’re delighted to say that after a lengthy NPD process, the answer is yes!  Our all-new Wearparts Raptor-Loc sweeps are designed as a direct alternative to John Deere Perma-Loc sweeps, delivering the additional wear life farmers expect from Wearparts PLUS the added speed and convenience of a knock-on sweep, with no adapters required.

What is a quick-change sweep?

A quick-change or knock-on sweep is one that attaches to the shanks of the cultivator or toolbar with clips instead of bolts. The sweeps simply push on (sometimes a gentle knock with a mallet is required) and clip into place.  

In the case of John Deere’s Perma-Loc sweep, the implement is then held in place with a spring latch, with no risk that they can work loose during use. When it’s time to remove them, you can use a specific tool or an ordinary screwdriver to push down the latch and release the sweep (again, sometimes a light tap with a hammer is needed).

Why choose quick-change sweeps?

The most obvious benefit of switching to quick-change sweeps is the significant time saving – farmers report being able to change every sweep on their field cultivator in as little as 20 minutes. There’s also the added convenience, since working with bolt-on sweeps means grappling with nuts, bolts and wrenches to get the sweeps attached and tightened adequately, often resulting in cut fingers. 

About Wearparts Raptor-Loc sweeps

If you’re looking for an alternative to John Deere’s OEM Perma-Loc sweeps, Wearparts Raptor-Loc sweeps are the perfect alternative, providing heavy-duty performance that fits the John Deere spring-latch system with no need for an adapter.

The sweeps themselves are built to give farmers supreme performance, and are based on the design of our best-selling Raptor sweep. Key features include:

A curved wing profile

Offers a longer cutting edge within the same sweep footprint, reducing draft for lowered horsepower requirements and reduced fuel consumption while facilitating a higher working speed (optimal performance at 7-10mph). 

An extended nose

Delivers advanced soil penetration, aggressively breaking up compaction and reducing wear on the blade.

A stay-wide wing

Wing ends are cut straight, parallel to the shank and each other, ensuring the cutting width remains consistent for the life of the sweep.

Lock-on stem

Designed to fit John Deere Perma-Loc with no need for an adapter – simply lock on and remove with a JD tool or the Wearparts one, supplied with every order.

Optional hardfacing

We can hardface these sweeps using the CMT process, which adds on average 30% extra material to the nose and leading edge of the sweep, extending the wearlife even in abrasive soil conditions.

Find a Wearparts dealer

Our new Raptor-Loc sweeps are available to order NOW from all good Wearparts dealers. Get a jump on your 2025 spring tillage and get your sweep game locked in now – or for further information and specific product questions, contact our knowledgeable sales team.

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