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The ‘next big thing’ in seed openers is already here

Waiting for the ‘next big thing’ in seed openers from an OEM brand?  What if we told you this new technology already exists – and you can order now to install on planters in time for the 2024 planting season?

At Wearparts, we’re leading the way on high quality aftermarket seed openers that knock OEM options out of the park on tolerance, for the most efficient, precise planting you’ve ever achieved.

Premium seed opener assemblies

Our AA65248MDBA seed opener assemblies (designed to fit John Deere planters) feature heat-treated boron steel blades and reinforced 5mm thick bearing housings with 5/16” rivets, precision-assembled using Peer bearings.  The blades themselves are designed with a longer bevel that allows the edge to stay sharper for longer, outlasting our closest competitor blade by as much as 8%.

Our blade assemblies are tested in-house by us to some of the tightest tolerances in the ag industry – each blade must achieve a minimum of .050/1.27mm axial / .060/1.52mm radial tolerance, or it doesn’t leave our warehouse.  That means no wobble and no lope – and no need to waste hours pre-qualifying blades prior to installation.  

Our Field-Ready Guarantee means that if our blades don’t run true we’ll replace them, no questions asked – so farmers can stop worrying about testing blades before installation, and get on with getting those seeds in the ground.

Achieve bigger yields

Truer blades mean a precise, v-shaped trench for seeds to drop into with less risk of trash getting in there, leading to the formation of air pockets when the trench is closed.  As a result, seeds germinate more consistently and crops are less prone to disease, pests and rot – which means bigger, more predictable yields.  And not only that – our blade assemblies are also guaranteed against breakage in the field, which means zero downtime caused by parts failure.

Put all these benefits together, and the farmer gets increased planting efficiency with a lower cost per acre AND the potential for increased yields, at OEM spec without the hefty OEM price tag.  

As a dealer, you benefit from vastly reduced comebacks, which means more satisfied customers and a lot less paperwork. We’ve got stock of these blade assemblies available for fall shipping, so you and your customers can be well ahead of the game for 2024 planting.

Why wait around for that big OEM reveal – get a pocket-friendly head start with Wearparts and see for yourself why customers choose our seed opener assemblies year after year.  Complete the form below to learn more or contact your sales rep to place a wholesale order.

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Why choose Wearparts?

For crop farmers, replacement tillage and planting parts are essential. By their very nature, ground-engaging components on farm machinery such as cultivators and planters get worn down over time, and need to be replaced.

But what to replace them with isn’t so clear cut. Most agricultural dealers will carry a mix of OEM and aftermarket parts – and in many cases, OEM is the most expensive of the two, which leads farmers to believe that they are also better quality.

But the choice isn’t always a binary one. Wearparts replacement tillage and planting parts are not OEM parts, but neither are they a cheaper alternative. What’s more, Wearparts is more than just a brand name created to lend authenticity to a range of inferior aftermarket parts.

We’re smaller than the big guys, but just like the John Deeres of this world, we have an authentic reputation, built on expertise and trust. So whether you’re a farmer or an ag dealer, if you’re wondering why you should do business with Wearparts, here are six great reasons:

1. Quality

We’ll be absolutely straight with you; generally speaking, our products are not cheaper than their OEM equivalents. In some cases, you may even find they are more expensive. This is because we use only specialist global manufacturers to make high quality products from the best quality materials, always.

We source the majority of our replacement tillage parts in Europe and South America before assembling them here in the USA, and we test 100% of them before they are shipped out of our warehouses in Nebraska and Georgia. We also have some of the most stringent tolerances in the ag industry – typically half that of our competitors. If a product doesn’t pass our test, it doesn’t leave the warehouse.

We modify a significant percentage of our products in-house, delivering on average 10% MORE material and a 30% longer wearlife, which ultimately reduces downtime and cost per acre in the field.

2. Service

Our roots in the farming industry run deep, which means we have first-hand experience of the challenges farmers and ag dealers face. Our specialized team has a strong agricultural pedigree and a geographically-tailored approach – so whether you’re growing peanuts in California or cotton in Texas, we’ve got the knowledge and the components to meet your needs.

3. Innovation

The ag industry never stands still, and with every passing year, the challenges farmers face are evolving. Wearparts is committed to keeping pace with industry change so that we can meet our customers where they are – whether that means taking steps to overcome supply chain issues, or meeting the challenges posed by climate change.

We go the extra mile to source the latest innovations – such as our French-manufactured seed opener blades made using pioneering forging techniques that give them variable hardness and flexibility along their radius, for increased precision and reduced risk of breakage. Where innovation doesn’t already exist, we create it – adapting specifications based on direct feedback from our customers to deliver optimum performance and precision, every time.

4. Trust

OEM parts come with a trusted reputation baked in, but when it comes to getting support on the ground, global brands often lack the responsiveness and agility farmers and ag dealers need. At Wearparts, we pride ourselves on down-to-earth, easy to access customer service so our customers can always access support and expertise when they need it. Whether you’ve got a technical query or you need to source a specific part in a hurry, all you need to do is pick up the phone!

5. Convenience

Tillage waits for no man, right? Because farming isn’t a 9-5, we’ve built a comprehensive and convenient service that means you won’t have to wait around to get hold of our replacement tillage parts when you need them. Our secure supply chain means we rarely experience low stock or delays, and with warehouses in Nebraska and Georgia, we’re ideally placed to serve all of the lower states, with rapid shipping and no minimum order quantity.

Ready to experience the Wearparts difference for yourself? Get in touch to become a dealer, or find your nearest Wearparts dealer here.